International Human Solidarity with Special Need People (SNP)

18th December, In pursuit for International Human Solidarity with Special Need People (SNP)
💻 We should allow children with autism to play their favorite sport with neurotypical children, this will promote co-existence in our society.
👉 We need to encourage experts/professionals to train, support and integrate these exceptional adults with ASD in our various workplaces based on their talents.
🥶 We should help them make a new start, highlight their potentials and value to other professional partners.
🙀 We should collectively foster the creation of adapted housing for adults which gives more Independence to them with or without a family unit and a 🏠 that ensures them good living conditions.
🥰 Experts should emphasize the importance of digital technology, because new technologies enable advancement in research and improve the care of people with autism.
📸 We should understand that sharing our talents, learning from our differences helps us to succeed together.
😇 We should know that as parents, our child with ASD becomes happier when we create advocacy, awareness and understanding of Autism.
👨‍👩‍👧 Parents should decide not to fight against autism but to accept and be proud of our children with ASD.
🤠 Societies should help families in these situations which need physical, mental and psychological efforts.
🤲 The government should offer all services and support as well as care to children with autism by effecting a robust insurance scheme which would cover therapy lessons.
Let’s stand in Solidarity with Special needs children

Dr (Mrs)Izuwah Doris/Samuel Osuagwu

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