New Innovations in OLG

TRAININGS: There will be quarterly formal training of parents and caregivers in OLG to educate them on how to manage their special needs children and also on relationships and family life with a child that is special. Please be part of this.

CLUBS: we have commenced professional clubs to improve the quality of life of our kids and help them with occupational therapy. They are Book club, Creative arts club, farmers club, Housekeepers club, Farmer’s club, Music club, Taekwondo club, ICT club, and Drama / dancing club. Kindly help us with funding or equipment that will help us achieve our dream of making our kids great. We also request for story books both new and old for our book club.

INDIGENT STUDENTS FROM FCT: – Kindly note that OLG will commence therapeutic intervention for 120 indigent children in FCT. This will hold in a separate classroom outside main OLG block within the school. Please we do need your help to fulfil this goal of helping the poor among us by donating both new and old books including old text books or work book from nursery to primary 6. We will also appreciate toys, cupboards, learning materials and any form of donations including food items for these indigent children with special needs. We also need volunteers and sponsorship for these children, These 120 children will get 1 hour twice a month therapy with continue serviced in free public schools in FCT Abuja

TRAINING OF FCT PARENTS AND TEACHER: OLG is committed to training of 120 teachers and parents in 24 schools in FCT. These teachers will continue the daily management of the indigent children in school while they are monitored in OLG. Please we need your prayers and sponsorship in achieving this goal we have set out to do in 2018.


We solicit for your help in furnishing our gross motor and sensory integration room, our outdoor activity field, training of teachers, parents and medical officers and acquisition of bus for intervention school/home services.

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