Summary of OLG Activities Done in 2017

Our deep appreciation keeps flowing to God for all that we achieved from January 2017 to December. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our beloved Parents, Staff, Volunteers and Donors. In this regard, we are using this medium to bring to limelight all that happened in in 2017.

1.0 JANUARY 2017

1.1 The center resumed on the 9th of January, 2017 at 6 Anionwu Lov close opp Conoil filling station, kado estate Abuja. The children were happy to be back. They were reassessed and individualized education programme was made for each child. Those in school setting were successfully reintegrated and therapist met with teachers to discuss further on programme to be used.

1.2 Basic Medical assessment by Doctor Izuwah with volunteer medical doctors were done for each child with notes given to parents on children that needed medical treatment. This took place in the month of January while continued services were done daily.

1.3 OLG began the process of total inclusion into the regular school in FCT by seeking spaces in Big Government primary school that will accommodate more children in the center.

2.0 FEBUARY 2017

2.1 The OLG monthly training commenced and 40 OLG staff were trained. Topics were on issues concerning identification and management of special needs children especially those concerning speech and behavioral impairment. Parents were also asked to join the training if they so desire.

2.2 All staff were mandated to do 2 online training especially from the Johnson center and present certificate to the administration. Staff were also given topics to read up and present for 45 minutes during training days to be criticized and reviewed by others and professionals hence inculcating the habit of self-preservation of staff.

2.3 PARENTS TEACHERS ASSOCIATION meeting was also held in order to improve on the quality of services being provided to these children

2.4. OLG celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14th. The children had fun including ridding of the roller coaster and the electric car with maximum supervision.

3.0 MARCH 2017

3.1 March 2, was the WORLD BOOK DAY. Parents and friends with volunteers joined us and read to the children at the center. They were shown the different effective enthusiastic ways of reading to special needs children to improve education, speech, social bonding at home and attention with concentration in our kids. The children enjoyed the reading.

3.2 The children were also taken to silver bird cinema to watch a movie and they did conduct themselves in a manner that made both parents and children happy.

3.3. ON 8th March, OLG visited art exhibition for one its students (KANYE) in a school being shadowed by OLG therapist. The art work was really impressive and was also scheduled to be part of the general school art exhibition later in the year.

3.4. There was monthly staff training on 18th of March .20 staff were present

3.5 Quarterly report card and quarterly newsletter were given to each child


This marked the beginning of another quarter for the children. They were given 3 days break before the start of this term. Teachers also used the opportunity to recuperate to avoid staff burnout. However assignments were given to parents to cover for the days the children were not around for therapy. The month of April is World Autism Month. Hence OLG joined the rest of the world in spreading awareness about special needs children especially those in the autism.

4.1, OLG joined other centers on the 1st of April, in a road show on the streets of Abuja with the aim of creating awareness on special needs children. Theme was ABILITY IN DISABILITY, WE NEVER SAY NEVER. Fliers and hand bills on Autism were shared. We thank all the sponsors and parents who turned up and contributed towards this event. It was a huge success as more than 100 people turned up for this event.

4.2 Awareness seminar on AUTISM and special needs was held with the batch C National Youth Service Corp members (NYSC) in kubwa FCT Abuja. It was an interactive and educative session. About 3000 NYSC members were reached.

4.3. April 2nd, Dr Izuwah Doris joined the 7am Network News with Tesser and Joy Maka discussing about Autism and creating awareness on total inclusion of children with special needs. This took place in a major radio station in Abuja- Kapital FM, Radio Nigeria

4.4 April 22ND OLG in collaboration with Top hill school organized a seminar for Parents and caregivers with the theme: – Towards autonomy and self-determination and subtheme: – working together to achieve greatness and independence in individuals living with autism and special needs. We joined the rest of the World and international body – AUTISM SPEAKS to LIGHT IT UP BLUE! It was a memorial outing and many professionals were present to train both the parents on home management and diet with specific concurrent trainings for caregivers. About 250 participants were present including pediatricians and members of the Universal Basic Education Board FCT.

5.0 MAY

5.1 OLG staff with parents and caregivers took the children to the park – they spent 3 hours using the opportunity to be integrated into the society and also play with other neurotypical children. They rode the electronic horse riding and used different facilities they had at the park. A lot of games were done including dancing competition between children and parents. It was fun and rewarding and the children had the feeling of being loved and well cared for. The food and drinks were donations from parents and well-wishers.

5.2 May 20th. We had our monthly staff training.

5.3 OLG was given a letter to refurbish block of classrooms at LEA primary school for a period of 10 years and above for the purpose of managing children in the Autism spectrum disorder and other intellectual disabilities. OLG used its savings and borrowed interest free loan from friends and supporter in the tune of 12 million for complete reroofing, plastering and repainting of the blocks, fencing and building of 3 toilets and a kitchen for special needs children. 5 classrooms in a block was refurbished while the 6th classroom to be given when Government refurbishes the other block of classrooms.

The public private partnership between OLG and FCT Abuja Government is free training of teachers and parents with provision of services to indigent children in Abuja. OLG is to seek for external funding from other parasterters or Government to achieve this objective.

6.0 JUNE

6.1. June 25th June, the Citi bank, Nigeria organized a big party for OLG health foundation in Abuja. Lots of games were played including bouncing castle. They also participated in doing play therapy for 40 special needs children. There were face painting and lots of food. They also donated 30 durable children’s plastic chairs for the speech room and library, water dispenser with 2 refillables, lots of story books and educational books and Cds to the foundation. It was very well received. We use this opportunity to thank Citibank for their support.

6.2, There was training of staff on the 17th of June. Quarterly report given to all OLG children who access their services on a daily and weekly basis. The center closed for 3 days as it was the end of 2nd quarter of the year.

7.0 JULY

7.1 This was the beginning of 3rd quarter of OLG health foundation programme. The children were welcomed back to the center. PTA meeting was done and the parents were told of the need to move to a bigger place with a field so we can properly manage and harness abilities in our children.  OLG began to finalize the refurbishment of the classrooms and quipped it.  

7.2. Senior secondary 2 students from prestigious college (7students from Loyola Jesuit College) did 3 weeks community service in OLG health foundation. They were considered as interns and were educated on how to help our children. This project was done to encourage the students to understand the plight of vulnerable and helpless children in the community. They began work by 8.30am and ends by 3pm. During their stay, they were assigned children in the morning and afternoon on a weekly basis. They became parents and assisted in the management of the child including bathing and washing of their soiled cloths. They were quite helpful during the fine and gross motor skill days and Friday club days. This impacted positively on both the students and children with positive feedback from schools and both parents of students and children. This is the 3rd year Loyola Jesuit Abuja has sent their students in OLG. 

7.3 There was staff training on 15th of July


8.1 August 26th, OLG held its Cultural day and official opening of OLG Health Foundation inside LEA. It was a grand occasion. Lots of Governmental officials were there including ministry of education, health and women affairs. There was no training of staff in August.


9.1 Dr Izuwah had one hour frank talk on special needs children and autism on people’s TV that had over 100,000 viewers. It was a live programme and questions were entertained by the general pubic.


10.1 This marked the beginning of last quarter of the year. Children were received and daily therapy commenced at the center with review of the assignments given to Parents and mapping out of targets for this particular session.

10.2 October 5, 2017. World teacher’s day. OLG celebrated teacher’s day. We are deeply grateful to all our staff for their innovation, dedication, hardwork, caring and loving attitude towards our children. There were excellent therapists as teachers and they ensured each child was well catered for.

10.3 Our first inter-house sports, a collaboration with LEA Primary school Jabi, Abuja. Our children at OLG autism center were so happy to be part of this great occasion. We were thrilled with the acceptance and love shown to our children by the regular neurotypical children from the school. Prior to this, OLG begun the training of children on sports activity. On account of this, they were able to participate in 200 meters race, ball picking, matching, and sack race. This was another way of integrating our children into the society with positive peer influence.


11.1 November 9TH, Dr Izuwah Doris was a main speaker in a 45 minutes talk show on special needs children with topic being sensory processing disorder with kiss fm radio.

11.2 November 20th , OLG Health Foundation and Autism Centre has spent considerable amount of energy and effort for the past eleven years in raising/creating awareness for Autism  as well as other disabilities, by providing support and resources in fun and creative ways.  

To celebrate this year’s DAIN, OLG organized a seminar in November 20th which took place at the Mediterrean recreation Centre Asokoro. The attendance was massive as over 200 people from various works of life came. The chairman of the occasion was the Chief Medical Director of Nisa Premier Hospital, representatives from various Federal Ministries also graced the occasion. Lectures were delivered by Dr Mrs. Badewa, Dr Izuwah Doris and Mrs. Rose. They talked about the importance of discovering and harnessing Ability in Disabilities.  Participants were divided into 3 groups for effective participation, contribution and topics were given to each group to discuss. Certificates were also given. 

11.3 November 30th, THERAPEUTIC DANCE GROUP IN COLLABORATION WITH INDIAN GROUP: – we were blessed with a collaboration with an Indian firm which offered free and therapeutic dance lesson to our kids aimed at improving their attention, concentration, coordination, imitation and motor skills. It was indeed amazing and our kids enjoyed it.


12.1 INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITY WITH FEDERAL MINISTRY OF WOMEN AFFAIRS:On December 3rd, OLG participated in this event with Nigerians. Thereafter, the kids were taken to Shop rite for window shopping, social integration and inclusion, transitioning. They had fun with staff and particularly enjoyed the cart ridding.

12.2. December 11th to 15th, COMMUNITY SERVICE/VOLUNTEERS: – we had 9 students from Royal Family Academy Wuye who came for 1 week community service. This was an eye opener for them as they learnt a lot about taking care of and managing special needs children. They also became parents to our lovely kids.

12.3 December 14th. CHRISTMASCAROL/SPELLING BEE COMPETITION: We had a wonderful Christmas carol celebration and spelling bee competition at OLG. Our children participated so well and competed so hard in the spelling bee competition.

The center closed officially for the year on the 22nd of December 2017 to reopen on the. Two weeks assignments were given to each child to be done at home with parents and caregivers. This was to avoid regression in our children.

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