Men, Positive Instruments of Tools For Children with Disabilities

👍Being blessed with powerful, strong and committed men at OLG has made direct positive effect on management of our children.

😇The late Engr Chidi Izuwah was the Co founder of OLG Autism Centre and supported it till his demise. He was indeed our anchor and his advocacy speech and knowledge on AUTISM would have gained him an honorary PHDegree.

💪Having male therapist and advisors broadened our minds on alternative proactive ways of doing things.

👌Being sensitive about vulnerability of special children to Predators, we preferred that male therapist handle male children esp the Teens to avail them opportunities of learning/teaching sex education together with their fathers, and how to protect themselves, (Don’t touch areas ×). Teaching self help skills such as personal grooming, bathing is sex sensitive.

👊 Some students see our male therapists as role models to better understand how to interact with adult who are different from themselves

👌They act as a diverse workforce especially while working with an extremely hyperactive strong child.

💪Their presence may help promote alternative, non-violent and gender equitable versions of masculinity.

😇🤝🏽👁️During the course of my assessments and intervention programmes with families that have special needs Children, The women with supportive male partners , supportive fathers and uncles fared better with higher chances at learning skills by these children

Powerful men like Stephen Hawking, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ralph Braun, Stevie Wonder, John Hockenberry etc have made significant achievements in this world.

We are proud of our men@OLG and its never too late to appreciate and wish them Happy International Men’s day.

While appealing for Men, Fathers, Uncles to join us in promoting acceptance, reducing stigmatization in Disabilities, we applaud and appreciate all men who have contributed towards The rights to Health and Educational for all special needs Children.
We love you

Dr ( Mrs) Doris Izuwah
For OLG Autism Centre

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